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The Patek Philippe Replica Watches anchor Constant Escapement Of the Freak Vision

The blades are bent alternately as the pallet fork moves back and forth on the escapement wheel. Because there is negligible friction between the two (remember, these are micro-components made of silicium), the escapement mechanism runs at a constant speed, compensating any energy fluctuations caused by the torque generated along the train.replica watches This creates a constant force for the escapement.

Last but not least, the Freak Vision incorporates the Grinder Automatic Winding System from the InnoVision 2 Concept Watch. This makes it the first self-winding Freak.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches Freak Vision Technical Specifications

Move with ease

Calibre UN 250; Hours and Minutes; 50-hour Power Reserve at Constant Amplitude

Case Study

45mm; Platinum with rubber caseside;franck muller replica watches water resistant up to 30m


Folding clasp made of rubber-like leather with titanium.


CHF 95,000